AWL - Industrial Automation Services

Projects (in anti chronological order)

All projects situated in Belgium (except if otherwise specified)

Imerys - Willebroek plant wide I&A (2022)
Partly because of explosive growth but also to validate the existing situation a responsible for (plant wide) Instrumentation and Automation was required. At the same time responsible party in the same for new/follow up of projects.
  • best practices
    • streamline automation platform (centered around PCS7)
    • actualising information
      • evolution of technology
      • define automation structure
      • define best practices
    • standardisation of software
    • tagging, documentation
    • ...
  • CBE3 : new production- and packaging lines
    • external party for actual engineering
    • follow up IA problematics
    • FAT
  • CBE4, energy recuperation,…
    • external party for engineering
    • review design specification/follow up IA problematics
  • “smaller” projects plant initiative
    • same prolematics
    • basic engineering
    • generate FDS
    • follow up contractors
    • FAT/SAT/commissioning
    • as built
Lamb Weston / Meijer - Kruiningen best practices (2021 - 2022)
After starting a coorporate wide engineering department, it was decided to tackle the industrial automation problematics. At the same time it was necessary to follow up contractors on the Pacific project.
  • best practices
    • review existing dated documents
    • actualising information
      • technological
      • automation structure
      • defining best practices
  • Pacific : new productionline
    • in tender phase
    • apply already revised best practices
    • review functional design documentation
    • follow up contractors (EIA related disciplines)
WolfOil - Hemiksem plant migration (2018 - 20221)
WolfOil, specialising in motor oils (e.g. Champion), was automated with an in-house developed system based on GE PLC’s, Delphi SCADA, Delphi ERP. This needed to be modernised conforming to newer industrial standards and with added functionality.
Possible paths :
  • PCS7
  • PLC (GE), with additional standard software for SCADA, MES,...
  • PLC (GE), with minimum standard software and in-house development of additional required functionality
They needed somebody with the necessary knowledge and experience to guide/manage this transition.
  • budget
  • project management
  • (detail) analysis
  • improvement and (functional,...) extensions
Procter & Gamble - Amiens commissoning (2018)
Conveyor systems in a wharehouse for storage and distribution of Amiens plant products as well as other P&G plants in Western Europe (per palet).
  • follow up
  • optimisation
  • I/O testing
  • commissioning
Fabricom - Zeebrugge commissioning (2018)
Follow punch-list commissioning Nemo - project.
Newcold - Melbourne commissioning (2018)
Conveyor systems in a cold storage for storage and distribution of foodstuffs (per palet).
  • optimisation
  • I/O testing
Janssen Pharmaceutica - Geel PCS7 support (2017)
PCS7 works and support on site.
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Commissioning/validation
  • Documentation
Janssen Pharmaceutica - Geel migration of S5 controls (2016)
A number of older machines (package units) equipped with Siemens S5 controls needed to be migrated to a new control system. Therefore it was necessary to analyse the respective PLC programs and present them in a “human readable” form for further processing. The bulk work was executed by a number of engineers, but someone with the necessary experience in these controls and to review the works was necessary.
  • Coaching/reverse engineering
  • Review
Mondelez - Halle upgrade machines (2016)
A number of existing machines needed to be modernised (e.g. replacing custom made control by standard PLC hardware), and/or the functionality changed.
  • Study/analysis
  • S7 software
  • WinCC Flex
  • Commissioning
Pfizer - Puurs new production lines (2015)
Two new syringe filling production lines were installed. Follow up of automation/instrumentation issues with the integration of the lines.
  • Study of Pfizer standards and procedures
  • Study/follow up of machines
Janssen Pharmaceutica - Geel utility PLC’s (2015)
Modernisation and changes to a number of (utility) installations.
  • Study/analysis
  • Documentation
  • S7 software
  • different operator panels
  • start up/commissioning
CRI - Gent -> migration (2014)
Migration of a Siemens PCS7 V6 to V8 and standard library to APL.
  • SFC, CFC, SCL reprogramming to SFC and CFC
  • Simatic Batch migration
Courtoy - Halle -> automation (2014)
Pre-study press automation.
Eastman - Gent -> electrical (2014)
Follow up of some electrical works.
Contec - Antwerp -> migration (2013)
In an existing tank park the Yokogawa DCS (EOL) was to be replaced with a Foxboro system. To follow up the works (different contractors and own personnel) a scheduler was contracted.
  • scheduling with TaskJuggler (and MS Project)
Knauf Insulation - Vise -> remodeling VB1 (2012)
The existing VB1 glass wool production line was demolished and rebuild in the process increasing it's capacity. For the different disciplines and for different suppliers engineers were contracted to follow up construction and/or commissioning works. I was responsible for general PLC and SCADA installation and commissioning as well as commissioning 5 packages.
  • instrumentation
  • Siemens PLC's
  • packages
    • cullet
    • internal cullet
    • cullet water
    • wash water
    • binder
    • general SCADA/PLC issues
Avercon - Eeklo -> software review packaging machines (2011)
Changes in hardware technology required reviewing the corresponding PLC software and OP configuration.
  • S7 317-2DP PLC
  • S7 315-2DP PLC
  • IM315-7F failsafe PLC
  • TP177 operator panel
Petroequador - Machala (Equador) -> new LNG plant (2011)
New technologies enable to build commercialy attractive "small" LNG processing and storage plants. Assistance for commissioning of PCS7 based control system was required.
  • PCS7 process computer
  • redundant S7-417H PLC
  • redundant profibus DP
  • integrated fail safe system
  • profibus PA instrumentation
  • instrumentation
  • electricity
  • general commissioning works
Janssen Pharmaceutica - Geel -> recuperation water (2011)
Waste water problematics of existing installations were examined and optimised. This had an impact on various, sometimes cGxP critical, installations.
  • pre study
  • implementation
  • cGxP procedures
  • FAT & SAT procedures
  • commissioning
Electrabel - Herdersbrug, Drogenbos -> Siemens T3000 migration (2010)
Existing installation controlled by a mix of Siemens Teleperm and different brands of PLC's. To enable "copying" the existing logic to T300, all existing PLC's needed to be analysed. The analysis is documented with an in-house developed engineering tool (function block presentation of the logics).
  • study, analysis
  • presentation of the results in graphs
Electrabel - Rodenhuize -> revamping group 4 (2009)
Due to a change in fuel (woodpellets and BFG instead of coal) the furnace had to be modernised. At the same time the utilites, mostly controlled by old Siemens S5, had to be modernised. I was charged with the pre study and tender preparation for these works.
  • study/analysis
  • request for tender documents
Fluxys - Zelzate -> natural gas distribution compression station (2009)
Follow up of punch list after hand over of station on electrical, instrumentation, automation, mechanical,... And preparation of automation standardisation documents.
  • follow up
  • study/analysis
Bayer - Antwerp -> aniline plant, Foxboro migration (2008)
Existing installation controlled by a mix of Siemens PLC S5 and S7 and various Foxboro versions. Modernisation of control equipment, HAZOP studies, standardisation of operator interactions with system, optimisation.
  • study/analysis
Cumerio - Pirdop (Bulgary) -> new copper refinery (2007 - 2008)
New factory for the refining of copper. Because of the introduction of new technologies and to help in general project related works a team of advisors was contracted.
  • study/analysis
EPS - Venlo -> crate washing installation (2006 - 2007)
A new facility is constructed for the reception, washing and sorting and dispatching of empty rigid and foldable plastic crates (supermarket vegetables type) with a capacity of 7200 crates/hr.
  • study/analysis
  • programming Siemens PLC & OP
Various -> various smaller projects (2006)
Different smaller assignments for different clients principally involving analysis and programming of Siemens apparatus (PLC & SCADA/OP)
  • Siemens S7 PLC
  • Siemens WinCC/Flex
Lumiplan - Nantes -> public transport Netherlands (2005)
Because of recent changes in the public transport sector in the Netherlands, Arriva needed a vehicle tracking solution for their +800 units fleet of bus, mini-bus, taxi. In a first phase the part of their fleet in the southern part of the Netherlands was equipped with GPS, GPRS, GSM, WiFi, WinCE board computer and standard peripherals (line film, audio announcements, video,...). I was responsible for technical assistance to Arriva and Prodata (the main contractor).
  • general technical assistance
  • WinCE debugging/programming
  • commissioning
BP - Gent -> automating flush oil recuperation (2005)
Existing filler lines were equiped with the necessary hardware to be able to recuperate spoil oil.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software
  • Siemens S7-317 PLC
  • Siemens OP270 operator pannel
Brasco - Pointe Noire (Congo) -> commissioning whirlpool (2005)
Commissioning of an installation for filtration of wort (whirlpool) and transfer to cellars. Different implementation details were cleared out (and programmed/commissioned) on site.
  • commissioning, analysis, development of software
  • Siemens S7-314 PLC
  • Siemens MP270 operator pannel (Coros Flex)
Alkor Draka -> dosing line (2005)
New line for production/dosing of batches of powders for film.
  • analysis, development and commissioning of software
  • Siemens S7-317 PLC
Solvay - Antwerp -> flow meters (2004-2005)
Centralisation of data captured from different makes of flowmeters through propriatry and Modbus interface. Data backup and real time presentation of data on Excell spreadsheet.
  • Java programation on PC
  • Excell spreadsheet
Janssen Pharmaceutica - Beerse -> ice water (2004)
S7 software development conform Janssen Pharmaceutica standards.
  • Siemens S7 PLC
Janssen Pharmaceutica - Beerse -> HVAC (2004)
HVAC installatieons at Janssen Pharmaceutica based on the new S7 HVAC CFC standard libraries. Design and development of “Janssen standard” library functions and implementation for one building.
  • design and commisioning software (S7 PLC CFC)
  • Siemens OP170 operator pannel
Volkswagen - Vorst -> commissioning robotised production line (2003)
Commissioning S7 software.
  • Siemens S7 PLC
Volvo -> summer shut down (2003)
During this shut down, my client, was responsible for electrical works and automation on 4 installations totaling 12 PLC’s. As an assistant to the project leader I was involved in planning, follow up, change orders, etc.
  • project management
  • commissioning
  • planning
Janssen Pharmaceutica - Beerse -> HVAC (2003)
HVAC installatieons at Janssen Pharmaceutica based on the new S7 HVAC CFC standard libraries. Design and development of “Janssen standard” library functions and implementation for two buildings.
  • design and commisioning software (S7 CFC)
  • Siemens OP170 operator pannel
Belgonucleaire - Dessel -> MOX visual inspection machine (2001)
Worldwide one of the factories involved in the recycling of nuclear waste. The waste is mixed with uranium and the mixture is formed into cylindrical pastilles. A prototype machine for remote visual inspection of these pastilles had been build to their specifications. The machine still had some problems on conceptual, mechanical, electrical and control aspects. I was contracted to study/solve these problems.
  • analysis problems
  • engineering of solutions
  • supervising engineering team
  • control budget
Bayer - Antwerp -> centralisation of controll room (1999-2000)
The concept was to have a central controll room with access/controll to all processes in the factory on a Foxboro procescomputer. Instrumentation was added where necesarry and/or routed directly to Foxboro or through existing PLC's (mostly Siemens).
  • general analysis
  • supervision of PLC software
Fina - Antwerp -> modernisation (1998)
Revamping electrical installation, replacement Modicon PLC, programmation Honeywel
  • general analysis
  • supervision
Inza - Schoten -> milk treatment installations (1998)
Two installations for the conditioning (heating/cooling/cleaning) in 4 tanks.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software
  • Siemens S7-413 PLC
  • programming operator pannel
  • documentation and training personel
Fina - Antwerp -> centralisation of controll room (1997)
The last phase of the modernisation comprised the general instrumentation (energy, environmental and other instrumentation not directly linked to production units) which was to be routed to a Honeywell procescomputer and installing new instrumentation where necesary.
  • general analysis
  • supervision of Honeywell software
Sidmar - Gent -> furnace controll - walking beam oven (1997)
One of the biggest steel producer in Europe installed a new oven with a capacity to heat 450 tons steel/hour to 1300 C. Actual process controll was done with in house expertise and an external PLC specialist.
  • analysis/development of software
  • Siemens S7-416-1 PLC
  • link with process computer Sinec H1
  • SCADA with 8 Win-CC stations (third party)
  • documentation and training personel
Alfa Laval - Russia -> CIP station (1997)
New CIP for the cleaning of a tank park and piping in a Russian beer brewery. Because this was the first in a series of this kind of installations I developed a general "CIP programming language" (interpreted).
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software
  • Siemens S5-115U/943 PLC
  • Siemens OP15/C1 operator pannel
Passendale -> CIP station (1996)
New CIP station 4 tanks with piping.
  • analysis/development of software
  • configuration ET200 network peripheral (I/O) and operator pannels
  • configuration operator pannels Siemens : 1 x OP25, 2 x OP5
Jansen Pharmaceutica - Beerse -> purified water installatie (1996)
Laboratory scale installation for the production of purified water. Denim water was heated, sterilised, cooled and stored in a day-time tank.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software
  • Siemens S5-95U PLC
  • Siemens OP15/C1 operator pannel
Fierens - Melle -> cattle food factory (1995)
A new full automatic plant, to be operated by 1 operator only, for the production of cattle food. The automation included the intake of raw material, transportation, dosing, mixing, extrusion, stocking and filling of trucks.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software
  • Siemens S5-135 U PLC, 1000 i/o's, Sinec H1 interface (communication with Coros and process computer)
  • Siemens S5-135 U PLC, 500 i/o's, Sinec H1 interface (communication with Coros and process computer)
  • visualisation with 2 x Coros (third party)
  • process computer : batch processing/recipe handling/reporting (third party)
CBR - Gent -> communication driver (1995)
CBR the biggest ciment producer in Belgium was at the time modernising different factories. In the factory in Gent a machine for dosing/weighing ciment was acquired, which had to be connected to the PLC which controlled the production process.
  • analysis/development of software
  • Siemens S5-135U PLC
CBR - Montigny -> chalk molding installation (1995)
Chalk breaking and transportation installation.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software
  • Siemens S5-115U/945 PLC
  • Lauer PCS9100 operator pannel
BP - Gent -> automating production machines (1994)
Modernisation of existing production machines (palletisising/box loading unit, bottle fill machine, "spout" machine) replacing outdated PLC or relay controls with standard BP equipment.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software
  • Semens S5-95U PLC's
Abay TS - Brussels -> water purifying plant (1993)
Abay one of the biggest engineering companys (turnkey projects) in Belgium hired me to provide PLC and SCADA software to control a new water purifying plant for a city of 1.000.000 inhabitants in China controlled by a network (ET200, Sinec H1) of 4 Siemens plc's and 2 Coros LSB/Win SCADA stations.
  • analysis/development of software
  • Siemens S5-115U and S5-135U PLC's
Electronite - Houthalen -> hvac installation (1992)
A new productionhall was to be equipped with a hvac installation for the heating/cooling and overpressurising (Ex) the working site.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software and system hardware
  • Siemens S5-103U PLC
  • Lauer operator pannel
Finaneste - Antwerp -> protocoll converter (1992)
To monitor the flow of product between their land tanks and their principal customer they installed two (redundancy) analysers which were to be connected to their process computer (which in turn was connected to the administrative invoicing computer). Differences in electrical specifications of the interfaces together with some pre-processing/calculation required on the raw data and the redundancy requirements made it necesary to use a computer for the conversion.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software and system hardware
  • industrial pc ICS 286
  • QNX operating system, C programmation
  • serial link RS232 with 2 Mecilec analysers (1 link per Mecilec)
  • serial link RS485 with processcomputer (Modbus protocoll)
Janssen Pharmaceutica - Geel -> waste water treatment plant (1992)
Automated and expanded their existing waste water treatment installation.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software and system hardware
  • 2 x FIX DMACS SCADA station with Sinec H1 interface (technical network) and ethernet with Pathworks (administrative network)
  • Siemens S5-135U PLC, 400 i/o's, Sinec H1 interface
  • Siemens S5-115U PLC, 250 i/o's, Sinec H1 interface
  • Siemens S5-115U PLC, 150 i/o's, Sinec H1 interface
Fina refinery - Antwerp -> barges loading docks (1990)
The docks were equipped with flow meters and automatic valves to automate the simultaneous loading and/or discharging of up to 12 barges to/from the land tanks.
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software and system hardware
  • pc IBM PS/2 386
  • QNX operating system, C programmation
  • serial link RS485 with Micromotion flow meters
  • serial link RS232 with production computer VAX (reporting)
  • serial link RS232 with Opto 22 controllers (control of pumps and valves)
  • Basic programmation, Opto 22 controllers
Iglo-Ola - Vorst -> orderpicking (1990)
The central Iglo-Ola warehouse for Belgium located in Brussel was equiped with a manual, computer assisted, orderpicking system.
  • research and development of orderpicking system (pick displays : 700 + 24 pieces)
  • analysis/development/commisioning of software and system hardware
  • pc IBM PS/2 386
  • QNX operating system, C programmation
  • serial link RS485 with Electromatic badge readers
  • serial link RS485 with Opto 22 controllers (controll of pick displays)
  • Forth programmation, Opto 22 controllers
Keramo - Hasselt -> clay treatment (1988 – 1999)
  1. One of the biggest producers of clay drainage piping in Europe modernised their instalation for the preparation and transportation of clay to 3 factory's.
    • analysis/development/commisioning of software
    • Siemens S5-150U PLC, 1000 i/o's
    • serial link (CP525, open driver) with dosing computer PDC by the company Molen
    • SCADA Coros 2000 (master/slave configuration)
  2. Different expansions in the installation (extra buffers, augmenting mill capacity, changing transportation routes,...) made it necessary to adapt the control (PLC) and supervision (SCADA) software.
    • Siemens S5-150U PLC
    • SCADA Coros 2000
  3. While doubling the production capacity and expanding the number of buffers and presses it became necessary to optimise the transportation of clay from the dosing installation to the presses. The transportation software describes 6 sources (2 mixers and 4 buffers) which can deliver clay to 8 factory's and buffers. Each factory has different presses. All batches use the same transportation belts, different batches can be on the same belt. The only information regarding the batches is time-based (the starting time of the transport is logged and the position of the different batches is calculated through lapped transportation time and transportation speed).
    • analysis/development/commisioning of software
    • Siemens S5-150U PLC
    • SCADA Coros 2000
  4. Because of problems with the original process computer based dosing installation, it was decided to convert to an all PLC solution. Weight indicators with BCD output were coupled to the PLC which calculated set points, did tolerance and ratio control (different components) and the general controls involved in normal dosing applications. To accomodate supervision, controll, recipe management and reporting needs a SCADA and a reporting PC were added.
    • analysis/development/commisioning of software and system hardware
    • Siemens S5-155U PLC
    • visualisation and link with PLC and PC with Factory Link (third party)
    • Access report generator software
    • link with administrative computer on iPro PC
  5. The next step was to replace the, outdated, Coros SCADA stations with Factory Link stations. The PLC software was adapted to accomodate the new SCADA stations and to enlarge the reporting capabilities to all production parameters in the entire installation, this to make it possible to analyse the production process and distribution of clay among the different presses and buffers (10 Mbyte data/month).
    • analysis/development/commisioning of software
    • Siemens S5-155U PLC
    • visualisation with Factory Link (third party)
    • Access report generator software on iPro PC