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Arduino free libraries

awllib - general functions download
Includes functions to work with date and time. Handles timers (e.g. on-delay, pulse,...). Includes string conversion functions from/to the different base types (and date/time).
lcdui - user interface on LCD display with buttons download
Handles "stand alone" menu navigation and editing. The user must configure menu's and input/output fields. The user program then "only" needs to interprete user input and generate the relevant output. It uses the Arduino LiquidCrystal library for outputting text to screen.
Depends on awllib
rdcnet - Arduino network stack download
Enables communicating between (up to) 256 Arduino with minimal (or no) extra hardware. Meant for dispatching commands and status at a "low" rate (e.g. home automation). The user program "only" needs to trigger transmit or query receive, all other communication details (transport, error handling, retries,...) are handled by rdcnet.