AWL - Industrial Automation Services


A range of services going from bid to after sale.

analysis - design
Knowing what you want to automate or how it is supposed to work is one thing, putting all pieces of the puzzle together and having design specs, work documents, etc. which can be handed over to software engineers for implementation is another.
testing - commissioning
Wouldn't it be nice if all the hard work put into the realisation of the project actually resulted in a product conform to the original goals and users wishes ? Might be opportune to test/document that : FAT, SAT, GMP documentation,...
and let's not forget the stuff that comes in between...
Who can you trust to take the lead in the realisation and/or do the actual programming of PLC's, PC's, controllers,... Hmm, who do we have that knows the analysis inside-out ?
other services
project management, related tasks, request for tender, planning, interventions, training, documentation/manuals,...


Any combination of above mentioned services is possible (e.g. only commissioning or only analysis or...).
full scope
Naturally it is also possible to bundle all services and have one party for all automation issues.
Production facilities age (and not always gracefully), the time may come when you want to modernise them. When that time comes, it is not always obvious what the detail workings of the installation are and it may even be necessary to reverse-engineer the existing software. This document can serve as the basis for re-implementing the existing functionality or discussion of required changes.
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Containing a mix of all mentioned services in virtually all kind of industries : brewery, chemical, dairy, food, petro chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, power plant, warehouse, waste water,...